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Get familiar with the different types of commercial trucking insurance
and determine which one is right for you.

Primary Auto Liability Insurance

Auto Liability.png

Is mandatory for all Motor Carriers. It protects you from costs associated with injuries or property damage suffered by others in an accident caused by you or your employee in your insured truck. Includes two different coverages: bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage.

Motor Truck Cargo


Protects you only against liability for damage to the goods you transport. This insurance only covers goods in or on a vehicle while in transit from where the shipment begins to the final destination,

General Liability Insurance

General Liability.png

Covers injuries or property damage caused as a result of business activities NOT directly related to operating your truck, i.e. while loading and unloading.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage.png

Includes Collision and Comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle due to collision with another automobile. Comprehensive provides coverage for other direct physical damage losses, such as theft, vandalism, weather related damages etc.

Non-Trucking Liability (Bobtail)


AKA Bobtail Insurance, protects you from liability in accidents that occur when you're using your semitruck for personal use.

Trailer Interchange Insurance

Trailer Interchange.png

Protects you from losses associated with physical damage while pulling another parties' trailer.

Occupational Accident Insurance


Covers lost wages, medical expenses, short- and long-term disability, death and dismemberment benefits for accidents that occur on the job.



Still unsure which coverage is right for you? Give us a call! We're here to help!

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